Check to See if the IRS Owes You Money

Are you among the missing?

The IRS is holdig over 90,000 refund checks worth more that $67.4 million because it can't find the taxpayers they belong to.

Often taxpayers move and forget to send the IRS a change of address. Or taxpayers don't provide correct addresses on the returns they file. They get numbers transposed or provide incomplete address information.

There is no time limit on claiming these undelivered refund checks. If you think the IRS owes you money, call their toll-free assistance line at 1-800-829-1040.

In the future, there is an easy way to ensure receiving your refund. Have the IRS deposit your refund directly into your checking or savings account.

It is also important to file a change of address form (Form 8822) with the IRS when you move. Filing a change of address form with the post office is not enough to guarantee delivery of an IRS refund check.

There is another important reason for keeping the IRS updated as to your whereabouts. If you fail to provide the IRS with your current mailing address, you may not receive a notice if there are problems or adjustments to your return. Even if the IRS can't find you, penalities and interest will continue to accumulate on any tax due. You may also lose the right to protest any changes made to your return as time passes.

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