Be Aware of the Overseas Money Transfer Offer

One of the most recent scams against businesses has been the "Nigerian Offer". Whether given this or any new name, the scam works like this:

You are contacted by someone who claims to be connected to a foreign government. (And some of these scam artists are very convincing.) You are told that the foreign government needs your help in moving millions of American dollars to an overseas account. If you provide your bank account number, the funds will be temporarily transferred to your account. For little or no effort on your part, you are to receive a percentage. With so litle work on your part, how can you lose? You lose because your bank account will be drained.

Even if you don't send the requested transfer fees etc., your account can be tapped. All the crook needs is your bank account and routing numbers to withdraw funds from your account.

Inform your employees that all company financial information is to be kept within the company. A clever con artist may convince some employees to give out damaging information. Advance warning from you can prevent problems.

If you have questions about dubious offers or if we can be of assistance with setting up controls within your company, please contact Kenneth D. Eichner, P.C We are here to help your business prosper.

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